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2015 Jan/Feb Newsletter
The New Year is rolling on as Kathleen and I do the everyday job of maintaining the herd.  We find this time is maybe the best and most important time to join-up with more and more horses and a great opportunity to observe the natural behavior of them individually and collectively as a group.  It just might be this seemingly boring, monotonous work that separates RFI/SS from most other horse establishments.  We often spend the long dark evening researching and studying any horse material we can find.
Very soon the college groups return for a variety of activities that are very rewarding for all.  We will launch some new events this year and hone the skills taught at camp to facilitate more facets of riding and horsemanship.
Roanoke County has become a strong partner and gives RFI/SS welcome platform to show why our method is so successful and will work with all ages and levels of skills.  Last year we had 7 year olds cantering and jumping in the open and an 89 year young lady ride the trails like a pro!  This is not to slight the dozens of other seniors who did a great job on their horses during the senior rides.  Our hats off to all of you.
This year we will be inviting some to join us for special events.  This is always fun and a rare opportunity to expand your horsemanship.  A dude ranch week will also be introduced.  We hope to see you soon and happy trails to you.
Valentine Package "Sealed With A Kiss" - Sat, Feb 14
Two night package w/5-course gourmet dinner and 3-course breakfast for two.
Don't expect every ride to be perfect.  You will have a bad ride now and then.  This should not be blamed on the horse  but accepted as rider norm.  There is always another ride coming and that just maybe your best ever.  You will learn the most and grow the strongest as a rider from these tough rides and new trails.
FACT/MYTH: Horses Haircuts
-- Bridle Path - Few inches of the mane behind the ear shaved off
-- Short Manes - Manes are shortened to a few inches by hand-pulling and breaking process in order to make is easier for the manes to be braided or banded for competitions/shows.
-- Roached Mane - Mane is completely shave off for low maintenance.
-- Square Off - Cut the bottom of dressage horses tail off straight across (just below the muscle).
-- Head-To-Toe Body Clips - Totally shave off horses body hair.  These horses would require a blanket in the winter to keep warm

Reba Farm Inn & Saddle Soar | 1099 Reba Farm Ln Bedford, VA 24523
CELL (540)583-1906 |

Reba Farm Inn & Saddle Soar | 1099 Reba Farm Ln Bedford, VA 24523
CELL (540)583-1906 |