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2016 is rolling on with Spring just around the bend in the trail.  We are off to a great start riding nearly every non-rainy day.  The horses are doing well with the mild Winter weather.  
We're making plans for the upcoming camp season with a new twist during Spring Breaks to get you back in the saddle early.  Call for details!  540-586-1906

The addition of the arena for camp was a huge success, so we will expand on that with new obstacles that really enhance the learning experience and skill level.  Check out the dates online for you or your child to experience the absolute best in horsemanship, leadership, team building, and horse knowledge.  Let our years of experience be your fast track to "real" riding.
We have been asked many, many times how we can canter a first time rider in less than 2 hours.  Some even gallop and jump!  Well, the answer is this:  horses are a direct reflection of those handling them on a daily basis.  Back to the years of real horse experience and I mean day-in -- day-out, all day long -- not a half hour/3 times a week.  We have the utmost respect for our horses and, therefore, we do not fear them.  This is crucial in working them, as if the opposite is true or you have limited experience, you will reverse train and a good horse soon becomes bad and even dangerous.  The best advice is to seek out an "old" cowboy.

Since our beginning, we have been blessed with great horses and great wranglers.  This year we add one more wrangler to that list and we know she'll do a fantastic job as she possesses all the skills, maturity, compassion, and passion necessary to perform at the level required at RFI/SS.  Welcome aboard, Kristina.
TIP OF THE MONTH:  When around or handling horses always keep in mind that they are claustraphobic and it is imperative to position yourself correctly in case the horse feels the need to move.  This can happen in a split second often causing injury to the imporperly positioned handler.
HORSE FACT OR MYTH:  Horses throw up whatever doesn't agree with their system.  This is wrong and is a direct connection to the most common ailment in horses:  colic.  If it goes in, it most work it's way through until it comes out the back.  So, be careful what you feed horses and/or give them access to.

Reba Farm Inn & Saddle Soar | 1099 Reba Farm Ln Bedford, VA 24523
CELL (540)583-1906 |

Reba Farm Inn & Saddle Soar | 1099 Reba Farm Ln Bedford, VA 24523
CELL (540)583-1906 |