Our private lessons are the best way to increase your equine IQ. We work in small groups so that we can meet each student where they are. We work to encourage and challenge you in your abilities. We have several different options.


Group LEssons

We host 6-week lessons with larger groups of students. These weekly rides focus on the fundamentals to help you become a “real rider”. We hardly use a ring, we are riding in open fields, woodlands and crossing streams. Though, we are working in groups of 8-15, we are able to give personal instruction to help you become the rider that you hope to be.

Our lessons focus not just on riding, but the whole idea of “horsemanship”. We believe that to become a better rider, we must understand and “join up” with the animals. This includes animal care, tacking, and of course, a lot of riding! Our unique lesson experience is sure to create results.

Our personalized lessons are able to take each individual as far as they would like to achieve. Call us to register!

Cost | $260 for 6 lessons

Next Start Date | TBD
6 week program meets once a week.



This is typically the next step for many students once they have gained more experience with the animals. Lettuce is an acronym that we use that stands for: Learn Essential Training Techniques “UCannot Eliminate. The animals that we are using for this program are untrained and will provide a lot of challenges that we will be teaching through. This class essentially involves the student in the process of training the animals from start to finish.

This program goes into deeper details and involves:

  • Introducing the horse to “Join Up”

  • Haltering and leading by halter

  • Grooming and leg handling

  • Lunging and using the blanket and saddle

  • Weight shifting and moving on the horse’s back

  • Creating neck flexibility

  • Applying and releasing pressure for more in-direct reigning

As well as many other concepts, techniques and ideas that will develop your “Equication”. It is ideal for potential or current horse owners.

Cost | $500 for the 16 sessions

Next Start Date | TBD
8 week program meets twice a week.


Private Lessons

Private lessons can be arranged upon request.

Give us a call for more info!