How do I reserve a Ride Time?

It’s pretty simple, just call or email! Spots fill quickly, the sooner you call us the better.


What should I wear?

Wear weather appropriate attire. Clothing must include long pants and closed toed shoes. See our Equine Liability page for info about helmets.

can I bring my own horse?

Generally speaking, no. However, we do offer a few unique events where this is appropriate. Call us to make special arrangements.

is there a weight limit?

In order to ensure the safest and most comfortable ride for each guest and horse, each rider should be able to mount a horse with only light assistance. Factors include physical ability and balance, not necessarily weight alone. We would be happy to discuss specific cases - give us a call!

are there age limits?

In our experience, children under the age of 7 will need to ride with a wrangler. 8 and above are able to ride on their own. On the other end, our current oldest rider is 89 years young! So come and check horseback riding off your bucket list, no matter your age.